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Sunrise Family Services Society 
Name of Service Provider: Sunrise Family Services Society
Programs : Bulgaria, China, China- Special Need, Haiti, Kenya, Korea, Philippines, Taiwan, US-infant/birth mother placement, Domestic-Infant, Zambia, Japan
Locations: British Columbia
No of years in business: > 15 years
Humanitarian aid programs: China, Africa
Agency profile:

Name of Service Provider: Sunrise Family Services Society


Email address: 

Telephone #: 604-984-2488 Toll free within Canada 1-888-984-2488

Locations:  North Vancouver, BC




Adoption Services Offered: Domestic adoption, Intercountry adoption, Birth parent services, Adoption education

Additional Information:

Sunrise Family Services Society is a licensed BC adoption agency in Vancouver.

In British Columbia, a licensed adoption agency meets strict criteria and qualifications.  The agency must be:

  • a non-profit society
  • approved by the provincial government to facilitate adoptions
  • designated and approved as a competent authority under the Hague Convention on International Adoptions.
  • Children in many countries throughout the world need homes and love. We are passionate about finding safe and loving homes for those children who would otherwise not have a family, and passionate about helping families realize their dreams of parenting.

Our mission at Sunrise is to build families through adoption.

We do this by:

  • Recognizing adoption as a lifelong process
  • Making the best interest of the child as our primary focus
  • Helping adoptive parents and birth parents make informed decisions
  • Educating and preparing clients for adoption
  • Providing expert help with the complexities of paperwork and other processes necessary to complete an adoption
  • Providing support throughout the adoption process
  • Supporting the on-going needs of adoptive families
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