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Children’s House International Adoptions 
Name of Service Provider: Children’s House International Adoptions
Programs : Bulgaria, China, Colombia, Ethiopia, Georgia, Ghana, Haiti, Hungary, India, Mexico, Poland, Embryo Donation/Embryo Adoption , Morocco, Romania, Moldova, Azerbaijan
Locations: Washington
No of years in business: > 15 years
Humanitarian aid programs: China, Ethiopia, Bolivia
Agency profile:

Name of Service Provider: Children’s House International Adoptions


Email address:

Telephone #: (360) 383-0623

Locations: Ferndale, WA



Services Offered: International Adoption in Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, China, Columbia, Ethiopia, Ghana, Haiti, Hungary, India, Mexico, Morocco, Poland, Rep. of Georgia, Rep. of Moldova, Romania / Embryo Adoption / Home Studies and Post Adoption Services

Additional Information:

Children’s House International maintains the mission statement: “To provide children worldwide with loving homes and to provide families with the support they need to adopt and parent their children. We provide ethical adoption services. Our humanitarian efforts also extend to the children who are not adopted; to place them back with their birth families or to provide options for them to remain in a positive and healthy environment in their own countries.” 

Children’s House International is a non-profit international adoption agency, founded in 1975, by Ric Oddone and Robert Yeates in the State of Utah. Both Oddone and Yeates worked in the juvenile justice system and wanted to make a difference in the lives of children who needed it most. They originally incorporated Children’s House International as a charitable institution, to help abandoned children in India.

In 1994, both men were appointed as judges in the State of Utah. At that time Debbie S. Price was volunteering at the agency and stepped up to become the Executive Director of Children’s House International.

Ms. Price has expanded the agency’s programs to include: Azerbaijan, Bolivia, Bulgaria, China, Cambodia, Guatemala, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Ghana, Haiti, Hungary, India, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Morocco, Nepal, Peru, Poland, Rep. of Georgia, Rep. of Moldova, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Ukraine, and Vietnam. Children’s House International has licenses in Ethiopia, China and India. All other programs are operated through each foreign government’s office.

In addition to Utah (License #: 19210), Children’s House International is licensed in the States of Florida (License #: 100025640), and Washington (Provider #: 212535)and has placed over 1,000 children.

The agency became fully COA Hague accredited in 2009 and continues to serve children and their families worldwide.

Children’s House International is committed to supplying humanitarian aid wherever possible. This is in keeping with mission statement established by the Board of Directors.





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