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Creating a Family could not exist without the generous support of our sponsors. There are many factors you should consider when choosing a service provider, one of which is how they " give back " to their community. We are pleased that the providers below have chosen to give back through their support of Creating a Family and our mission of providing education and support for infertility and adoption. As a service to our sponsors and to our audience, we have provided a searchable database of our sponsors. Please consider supporting those who support us.

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Choosing an agency is the second most important decision you will make in this process, but it is probably the most confusing. Check out our page for our extensive resources on selecting an agency.*

Type of Adoption/Programs:
# of year licensed or in practice:
Provides humanitarian aid in :
# of adoption processed last year?

Title Programs
  Bulgaria, China, China- Special Need, Latvia, Panama, Peru, Russia, Taiwan, Uganda, Ukraine, Embryo Donation/Embryo Adoption , Domestic-Infant, Kyrgyzstan, Nicaragua, United Kingdom
  Embryo Donation/Embryo Adoption , Domestic-Infant, Homestudies
  Domestic-Infant, Open Adoption
  Bulgaria, Georgia, Ghana, Ukraine, Armenia, Morocco, Serbia
  Bulgaria, China, Ethiopia, Ghana, Haiti, Hong Kong, Korea, Uganda, South Africa, Albania
  Legal Services
  Bulgaria, Colombia, South Africa
  Bulgaria, China, Colombia, Ethiopia, Georgia, Ghana, Haiti, Hungary, India, Mexico, Poland, Embryo Donation/Embryo Adoption , Morocco, Romania, Moldova, Azerbaijan
  Embryo Donation/Embryo Adoption , Domestic-Infant
  China, China- Special Need, Colombia, Haiti, Hong Kong, India, Korea
  Bulgaria, Congo, Haiti, Honduras, Mexico, Ukraine, Nicaragua, Samoa
  China, China- Special Need, Ethiopia, Haiti, India, Korea, Philippines, Thailand, Uganda, Mongolia, Cambodia, Vietnam
  Bulgaria, China, China- Special Need, Haiti, Kenya, Korea, Philippines, Taiwan, US-infant/birth mother placement, Domestic-Infant, Zambia, Japan
  Bulgaria, China- Special Need, Colombia, Haiti, Kenya, Korea, Mexico, Uganda, Armenia, Moldova
  Financing Adoption

* Inclusion here is not an endorsement.
* American Society or Reproductive Medicine.
* Society for Assisted Reproductive Technologies.
* American Academy of Assisted Reproductive Technology Attorneys.
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